Kurau: Phantom Memory


Ghost of Animes
I'm watching this anime and thinking to myself if it could get any better, but I don't think it could. Kurau: Phantom Memory is perfection.

Of course, it's from studio BONES (Wolf's Rain, RahXephon, Full Metal Alchemist). The story is basically Kurau and her 'pair' Christmas being tailed by a global organisation across the planet due to special powers she happened across in her younger days. It goes a lot deeper than this, but that's the basic structure of the plot.

The characterization is amazing. Everyone is fleshed out to the point where every episode becomes an emotional event- all set to a heart wrenching soundtrack. It's packed full of action and set on a futuristic Earth where flying cars and cool looking laser guns are the norm. Think a more rural version of Blade Runner!

I've only seen up to episode 22 so far, but I can safely say this show has steadily become one of my favourites of the year (only Gankutsuou and Full Metal Alchemist can match up - it's just knocked Naruto off it's perch).

Apparently it's been licensed by ADV, so fingers crossed it eventually makes it over to the UK too. More people need to be witnessing this classic in the making.