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Dandy Guy, in Space
So I've had this blog since around June, after I wrote something and had nowhere to put it. I've only made a few posts on it over the course of the 8 or so months but it's something I'll add to over time.

I don't really have any specific ideas in mind for what the site will focus on but what's there right now is primarily to do with anime and creative writing. Anyway, feel free to have a look! Oh and the header is randomised, so whenever you visit you'll get a random screenshot from Your Name, Weathering With You and City Hunter, I'll be adding more over time those were just the ones I happened to have screenshots of at the time. Any feedback is very much welcomed!

If you're in trouble, always remember, xyz. koe-no-otaku.xyz to be specific. :p


Dandy Guy, in Space

5 Anime You Need To See Before You Die​

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Today I take you on a journey to showcase some of the anime that I think you need to see before you die. Wide, varied and not the usual round of Ghibli, Shinkai, Ghost in the Shell etc, that normally pop up in these types of lists. Anyway, hope you like it!


I'd agree with most of those, though I don't place I Want to Eat Your Pancreas on the sane pedestal as the others, since I thought its big twist was poorly set up.

Now how about five anime movies you have to see after you die?