Kitacon 2014


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I knew a few of the guys who founded it; we were a close group from Ayacon 2002 and thereabouts, but over time people went different ways, helped by some forum drama on/between Anime-Europe and Anime-England forums, both of which have long since shut down. I think Kitacon may have been an attempt to recreate the 'good old days' before Ayacon changed format, and the fact they started in Northampton in Ayacon's old venue lends credence to this, but I am only speculating based upon the information available to me.

I hear they've been doing a nice job though. :)


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Ooooooh Brum is a doable journey since I went to the MCM one there last year. I will keep my eyes peeled for it as currently, I'm thinking of getting into Cosplaying so if I do, I'm going to be getting me geek on next year meaning both Manchester dates, travelling for others etc. Wooooooo :D