Kitacon 2011


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Apologies if there's already a topic for this years Kita, but I couldn't find one.

April 1 - 3, 2011
£45 for 3 days (24 hours)
16+ (18+ for some events)

Lamia Cross are performing one of the nights and Brina Palencia is the VA guest. I went to Kitacon 2010 and it was one of the best weekends ever. Great cosplayers, unique events, anime screenings (last year they had a couple of UK premiers for anime), games room, parties, Dealers Room etc...

Anyone going?

There's still places available. It's actually sold out about 4 times already but each time they added a few more spaces since the hotel is apparently huge.


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chaos said:
To keep on track with my convention spree, also going to Kitacon this year. Anyone else?

I'm flying back straight to this - I'll be launching something shiny and new there too - press release this week coming all going well :).



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Oh, that's awesome. I'll be cheeky and I'll ask for a copy of whatever it is, for a competition here =)

See you there then!


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Hello Cathe - I didn't notice you had posted abour it before, so I've merged the topics.
I'll see you there !

BTW - I like your avatar =)


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Ty :)

What's your badge name? If you see someone wandering around with a bade saying 'Taha' then thats me :p

Cosplays for the weekend are:

Friday - Konan (Shippuden - Akatsuki vers.)
Saturday - Prussia (Hetalia - fanart fifa world cup vers.)
Saturday evening - Prussia (Hetalia - own design causal vers.)
Sunday - Agility Cape (RuneScape)
Sunday evening (ball) - Konan (Shippuden - own design formal vers.)


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Chaos , as usual =)
Taha? Ok, will try to remember that. I don't cosplay yet, but I'm giving it a try with some weird stuff that I've got, such as a shinsengumi hapi and a organization XIII coat.


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ilmaestro said:
Good to hear... I will try to make more of an effort to go next year for sure.

Try for Minami too, though it's popularity ensures membership is tricky to get, but speaks volumes about how good it is.