Keo's introduction


Hey everyone :)

I'm Keo, 21 years old, northeast. British born chinese or banana :p Dumplings ftw

Grew up with anime and have seen a fair amount. Really love my shounen series tho :lol: Although haven't watched much anime in recent months I still keep up with Pokemon Best Wishes and Digimon Xros Wars! :lol: And can't go by without listening to some anime music daily :wink: Once I get back into the rhythm I'll get back to watching the likes of Detective Conan and catching up to what the new seasons offer

Currently lending my soul to the devil...been obsessing with MMORPGs

My A-P Profile :) :cry:

I look forward to meeting everyone :)

PS these smilies suck :evil: 8)


State Alchemist
Welcome, Keo!

The smileys are... an acquired taste on here I suppose, but from reading your post I got the impression you liked them at first. :p