Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! ep6

Professor Irony

Nothing hugely revelatory to say, but as I figured this entire comment would have needed to be in spoiler tags, I thought I might as well make a thread in here.

I really like how the show has subtly worked in the detail of Asakura carrying her toy bunny around with her as a comforter. I saw it strapped to her chest as part of her 'loadout' when they were exploring, but this is the first I've noticed that she actually gives it a little squeeze during times of stress. The meeting with the art club also felt painfully real - having done a graphic design course where we were expected to make presentations, it's quite noticeable that even the people who're the most skilled can often struggle to effectively make their case in a pressured social situation like that.
And the aftermath of that situation when she got some feedback and then wanted to throw out the whole robot idea because it wouldn't please everyone!
It sounded quite autobiographical, the writer doesn't seem to have too much to his name so maybe it was something Yuasa himself wanted in the script.


The whole with poor Asakusa having to try and explain cel animation and different layers of artwork that goes into animation to the Art Club made me cringe internally. I was soo surprised at the idea that they wouldn't know how animation is put together but I suppose art club =/= interest in animation and I felt bad for her having to both explain it and direct them without coming across as condescending. I wouldn't hated to be in that position.