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looking for suggestions and advice where could I turn to publish my art and share my work to people

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  1. miltfox

    miltfox Hikikomori

    Hi! everyone

    My name is Kaspars Cibulskis I am an Artist, Actor and I love art and animated films
    I have been living for past 6 years in the UK/ Derby/ before I came to UK I studied in Norway art academy.
    Have been doing mixed styles of art such as manga, Japanese anime and also free hand rotosoped animation.
    I found this anime site trough searching in google and I wanted to share my work to people who like anime.

    Please tell me what you think about my work

    other video of rotoscoped and free hand animation

    Thank you

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  2. Blaize

    Blaize Adventurer

    Kaspars you are clearly very talented. I enjoyed both pieces.

    I really liked the way the ousters swung around, that was a really clever design. Also the human weapons which appear to be some sort of slingshot was cool looking too. You certainly have an eye for interesting design. The music got me going at times as well.

    Nice Work :)
  3. miltfox

    miltfox Hikikomori

    > Hi Blaize Thank you for your message, I really appreciate when people give me feet back on my work it let's me know what public likes and what I should focus on. I have a lot more work and some of them are inspiring and some I focus more on action like this one.

    It was experiment to see what people react on. it holds no story but rather small scene bits form what can potentially become a movie.
    Am Thank full for every feet back.
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