Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances)


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I think I started reading this manga about a year ago when I found out the reasons for the naff ending to the anime and like a lot of people, decided to find out how it should REALLY end!
I have to say that for about the first 8 volumes, the anime and manga storyline doesn't alter much, but once you get to around volume 9, you start seeing stuff that never happened in the anime. Now anyone who has seen the anime will know that the story is about Arima and Yukino, but what is nice about the manga is volumes 11 & 12 concentrate on the story of Tsubasa and Kazuma, which is really interesting and entertaining.
Volume 13 picks up where the Arima/Yukino story finished off in vol 10 and from there to volume 17 (which I finished reading last night), what I once thought of as a sweet light hearted romantic story, turns into a dark and violent tale, that had me sobbing my eyes out because it was so sad and almost mind-numbing at times.
If this is a title you've only been thinking about buying, stop thinking and buy! Don't get put off by the 21 volumes you will end up having to buy, it's well worth the investment and honestly this has the same appeal as Fruits Basket, in that it isn't solely aimed at a female audience!!


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Yep Kare kano is one of those little gems in manga..It's frustrating for the first couple of volumes but when the characters start to develop It's well worth the money!!! Arima's father is a pimp.^^. I was shocked....that when reading the current volumes and comparing it with the first volumes the difference in the drawing and character design is just so big a gap that her drawings flow like water if you get my drift.

More or less i miss the side characters more than the main characters. How mature are they. My favourite volumes has got to be volumes 11+ 12. Just strings my heart to bits.

Big spoiler.......

I was shocked that Arima's a rapist . That is just wrong in my book, so bad 'shakes head'
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