K-Lo's Anime/Manga Store


Interested in Tatami Galaxy!

I would be interested in some other titles, but I'm on a budget right now 😅

P.S. I'm new, so I can't start private conversations yet! 😂


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Hey! I'm interested in a couple of your items. I just signed up so I can't dm you yet but I'm interested in:

Prio 1:
Fullmetal Alchemist Collector's Edition Part 1 - £30
Tatami Galaxy Collector's Edition - £30

I was also wondering if you could just sell that SAO GGO artbox? Just ordered them but I want that box 😂

Prio 2:
Erased Collector's Edition Part 1 - £30
Erased Collector's Edition Part 2 - £30

Let me know what you think. I live in Sweden btw so can you ship here?
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