July Sales


Za Warudo
I doubt I'm going to pick up Tiger and Bunny from khazi anytime soon after buying both sets from Viz Media.
Unfortunately I bought Persona 4 from them. I hope they GTFO of the UK now.

To be honest I'm surprised to see an MVM title on the list. From my point of view they don't seem to market their products enough, or at least as aggressively as Manga do. I have a rough idea what Manga are releasing this year but I honestly couldn't tell you an MVM title other than Bakemonogatari or Another let alone when they are coming out or the formats. Then again, I don't buy anything really from MVM for three reasons - they tend to be really slow when it comes to releases, titles only ever get BD if they can partner with an AU distributor and their boxart designs are bootleg level bad.


Dragon Knight
You know I just realised it's quite nice that we can actually have a top 10 titles released in a specific month, meaning that we get 10+ new releases a month :)