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Well, since my previous topic got wiped out, I'm gonna try and clone it :p

Stuff for sale, all of the sets are in good to excellent condition, if anybody's interested in anything, PM me and I can send pics:

Bunny Drop R4 DVD - £5 + £4 postage
Eureka Seven v1 & v2 DVDs (Beez) - £20 + £7 postage (a bit more expensive since it's OOP, I believe)
Ga-Rei Zero DVD - £1 + £4 postage
Heaven's Lost Property Forte (R1 DVD) - £5 + £4 postage
Rosario to Vampire S1 & S2 DVDs (MVM) - £15 + £6 postage (brand new, ended up never watching the DVD before trading for the blu-ray)
Shakugan no Shana S1 & S2 DVDs (S2 in two volumes), + movie (Blu-ray Region A/R1 DVD SAVE edition) - £12 + postage (I still don't know how much it is, will update if someone's interested)
Tenchi Muyo! OVA DVDs - £3 + 5 postage (these aren't from the recent collection, they are 3 individual volumes contaning episodes 1-13, I had these before the recent collection was released and have since upgraded to blu-ray)
Waiting in the Summer DVD (MVM) - £7 + £4 postage (same as Rosario)



WWE BEST PPV Matches 1009-2010 BD NEW & SEALED - 5£ + 4£ postage

More stuff will likely be added later, probably games, maybe some more DVD or BD sets.
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Lowered a bunch of stuff I really just want to get rid of, so if anyone wants to help me clear up the space, I'd appreciate it :p


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Due to some circumstances, I got my hands on an extra copy of the Railgun S blu-ray/DVD combo, new and sealed, so... added it.


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Added Funi's FMA Collector's Edition. I really love this set, especially the artbook, but now I have the gate, it's redundant and I really need the money.