I've never...


If you don't know this game, you've either lived under a rock your whole life....or you've never watched the boat that rocked :p

anyway, the basics of the game are simple.

one person states a fact about their life, this fact must start off "i've never...." and can be finished off with anything...so long as you haven't done it.

so for example: I've never....Slept with someone of the same sex before.

If skikes sees this, he will have lost. and have to explain how they got into the situation.

The more people who are guilty of doing something = more points for the person who started the "i've never". Once someone has stated their @i've never" and people have replied....the buck turns to the first person that was guilty.

simple? maybe not...but it'll become simple after the first few gos.

OT: I've never tried to wind up somebody just to see a reaction.


Sparrowsabre7 said:
What if someone wants to play but hasn't done the thing, do they just say "me either"?

In which case; me either =P
Then the person who first posed the question doesn't get a point. you only get points for people who are guilty of doing something you havent lol. anyway, your turn.


Tachi- said:
Or.... we play this game at expo meet ups after a few pints?

but sure, i'll try to find a better game :)
Aww, but I can't drink yet good sir.

I've cheated on my partner, I dumped her for another Waifu.

I've never enjoyed the taste of alcohol....... (This one's a bit easier right?)