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It's been a while.


Pokémon Master
Hey guys, how's it going? Funny story, I was looking for Dragonball Broly showtimes and this old girl popped up on Google. Thought I'd check and see if my account still worked -wow- it did.

A mere five years on from my last hello post too! How time flies! I got a nice bit of nostalgia there reading some of the reviews I wrote 11 years ago for this place.

Are there any other old timers around? Is Paul still here. I see Ryo Chan hasn't been active in a while, that's a shame. I spent countless hours on this site during my time at university and it's just great to see it doing so well for itself.
Welcome back.
I notice you signed up 5 days after me! Nearly 12 years ago now! I also had a 5 year hiatus and wasn't that active in my first stint so you probably won't remember me though.