Irrational Fears you had when young


Dandy Guy, in Space
The recent flooding some parts of the country have been suffering reminded me of this great fear I had when I was younger.

The fact we lived on the high ground of a hill/moor side didn’t seem to be any comfort.
Only when older and understanding that it’s river valleys and low lying ground that are at flood risk did I think back to how irrational the fear was.
I’ve no idea where the fear came from, but there we go.

So is there anything you were afraid of when you were younger but now realise how stupid it was for what ever reason?


Baka Ranger
I used to have a really crappy and i mean really crappy window in my bedroom, Really crappy, i bet you could even break it with a Lego.
So therefore i hated going up to my room because a burglar might be there (Yes, Yes the stereotypical burglar, Black and White overalls. ;o).
The reason he could be there is because i have an extension to my house so people can walk outside my window, Ahhh.

My brother had a funny one of microwaves, because we had a cheap microwave that made things catch on fire (like all the time). He was scared that every little thing might catch on fire, so he ran away and started screaming and moaning and hitting people every time he saw it cooking something.


Thousand Master
i was kinda the kid without fear, thats why i possibly kept gettin hurt. And by hurt i mean:

-Multiple Electrocutions
-Run over by Cars
-hung by my Belly On Barbed Wire for 2 hours
-Teeth knocked out in a game gone horribly wrong
-Falling from varying heights from 3 ft to 12 ft
-Split head open on Door

and things like that. I have got worse as the years have gone on :p


Stand User
I used to worry about vampires coming into my room at night.So,as if it would help,i'd sleep with my covers pulled right up so my neck wasn't exposed.

I also used to fear lifts...err going in them that is.Because i saw this film when i was little where there was an earthquake that made the lift snap and fall.The last thing you see is the lift falling,and then lots of blood sprays over the screen as all the people were crushed in the lift.

that sort of image stays with you :S heh i still wont go into lifts actually,always take the stairs.


Zombies! Can't stand them what so ever, horrid nightmares and couldn't get to sleep if ever I watched something with one in. These days you seen me playing games killing these.

I had a huge fear of women giving birth believe it or not as well, Look Who's Talking scared the hell out of me for example. Not sure completely why to this day.

Also had a fear of anything that bites me, I'd endlessly look around and kept my body covered all over, to avoid more bites. When it gets killed or goes away I'd calm down.


Combat Butler
The Flinstones (No ****) I had flinstones wallpaper as a kid and I always thought they would pop out of my wall and kill me.

The Gremlins - I did not find them funny at all as a kid any time I saw a light flicker or the power go out I thought they where coming after me :shock:


I had and still have an irrational paranoia... if that counts, I bet nearly everyone here has this one too.

When you walk past 2 people and they start laughing, you always think they're laughing at you.


Completely Average High School Student
Maxon said:
The Basset's Liqourice Allsorts advert that had people turning into Liqourice Allsorts people.

I loled. >.>

Erm..all I was afraid of spiders when I was younger. ¯\_(o_O)_/¯


Baka Ranger
Ever since I saw that Rugrats monster under the bed episode when I was 7, my life would never be the same again... Oh, I was also scared of thunder and lightning when I was 5, and some other stuff, I was afraid of the dark, and uh.... Goosebumps the TV show, that is. ;/


When i was younger, i really was quite scared of the Dark, had to always go with a torch around the place. Now though i find it kinda silly, there isn't anything going to jump out at me from the dark, so i'm ok with it now. Also was afraid of flying, but i think i have gotten over that now(i haven't flown in years though).

i am still scared of one thing..Needles. I'm so bad i didn't get the BCG jag or my tetinus boost.
When I was a kid I had this fear of falling paintings. There used to be a painting hanging above the stairwell in my old house, so I would hurry down the stairs, just in case.

But come to think of it, Gremlins and the Daleks used to scare me too!


Dandy Guy, in Space
Ahhh…falling things...that reminds me...used to have to live with a cupboard fixed to the wall directly above the head of my bed – had the constant niggle/fear that at some point it might just fall off the wall and onto my head, most likely whilst I was trying to sleep :shock:

More I think about this subject the more little fears I begin to remember from being younger – not sure what that says about me exactly.
Here's a few more silly ones that I remember:
The flushing of a toilet – a rapid exit was required after flushing, shutting the door smartly behind you for fear of being sucked into it or something.
The dark and unused end of our loft – I was convinced there must be some monster/ghoul living down there just waiting to come and get you whenever you went up there.