Internet ordering mistakes surplus sale!

Fort Max

Completely Average High School Student
aka, My stupidity is your gain, I have a habit of ordering the same thing twice. No idea why, I just seem to keep managing it...

Anyways I have up for grabs,

1 HCM Pro Zeta Gundam, new and sealed, it's a great (if fiddily) figure and you can check it out here,
I'm asking £12 which will include postage to anywhere in the UK

Full Metal Alchemist volume one dvd (region 1), I don't know if anyone here is really going to want this but it's worth a shot as I don't need it.
£10, again including postage.

Full Metal Alchemist OST one, again most of you have probably got this but nevertheless, £8 with postage

Aura Battler Dunbine volume 1 & 2 dvd's (region 1), *SOLD*

"Hello Good Bye" hentai PC game, I got this with a Virtual on twin stick controller auction from yahoo japan. I don't want it, maybe you do?
A fiver is all I'm asking for this and postage, pics/more info avilable on request.

Newtype USA, vol1, issue1 from way back in Nov 2002 when it started and I was trying to make sure i got a copy, completely brand new and sealed, includes everything it came with.
Yours for £10 with postage

Konami Amdriver toys, I tried this line out when it started and didn't like it much, it wasn't robotic enough for me. It's like a microman figure with extra weapons and bits and piece and also a motorbike that turns into a suit of armour for the figure to wear.
Both are boxed with all parts and paperwork included, asking £20 for both with postage

Well that's just about everything I want shot of for now, I will probably have a spare copy of Eureka Seven volume one going in early May so if anyone fancies that then let me know.

I'd like cheque or paypal, whichevers good for you.
I look forward to doing business with some of you and hopefully maybe even getting to know you a little through this.