In praise of Villians - who would make your top 3?

Hello everyone...

A hero would not be the hero of a story without the villians. So in homage to everyone's favourite baddies, I thought it might be fun to start a thread about everyone's favourite bad guys/gals in anime or manga. Who are your favourites and why?

Mine are...

1) Queen Delphine - (Last Exile) Cunning, calculating and merciless, one of the best bad ladies I have ever seen.
2) Akito - (Fruits Basket) Akito is one of those mysterious characters you love to hate. He knows everyone's weaknesses and with just a few words, he can destroy someone's confidence.
3) Ritsu - (Loveless) Cold, dominating and twisted, he's actually a very interesting character, but I have my suspicions whether he's the real villian of the story, I think it may well be someone else...
(M.G loves unexpected plot twists!)

Over to you :wink:

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Magical Girl
Dilandau - Escaflowne. He's crazy and I love it!
Orochimaru - Naruto. He's messed up in a funky Michael Jackson kinda way, hangs out with too many pretty boys...
Dr. Hell - Mazinkaiser. Gotta love the name, the classic bad guy!

Laughing Manji

School Idol
Gargoyle (Nadia - Secret of Blue Water) - Chilling. Ruthless. Amoral. Competent. Humanity is just insects to him and his organisation. Worse he has resources and determination to really threaten the good guys. Jean, Nadia & the Nautilus crew are really threatened by this guy - none of these crappy villains who let victory escape them through incompetence. The good guys frequently have to go all out just to form an escape.

Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter) - probably gave the japanese kids nightmares.


Ghost of Animes
Griffith (Berserk) - The whole series is basically documents his fall from heroism to villainy, and what a fall.

Harry (Gungrave) - Selfish bastard that by the end realizes the errors of his ways.

Johan (Monster) - Evil incarnate.

Honorable mentions go to Vicious from Cowboy Bebop, Zabuza from Naruto, Crocodile from One Piece and Misaki from Welcome to the NHK! ;)


Stand User
Albatou Dilandau [Escaflowne] - It's rare to see a villain of such immense mental infirmity, of such evilness and then to have that villain suddenly given a lot of depth and a bizzare twist you don't really see coming. Just when you think that he's a total Bastard, actually...

Paptimus Scirroco [Zeta Gundam] - Probably the most powerful newtype in Gundam, he was an absolute Genius Pimp-Daddy with customised rides for each of his brides. Originally from Jupiter (the Ghetto?), he cruised around the earth-side playing everyone against each other and barely giving a crap about anyone. In fact, he was so awesome that Tomino had to put in a Deus Ex Machina to explain away how he could possibly be defeated; Scirocco was ultimately undone by the one other bishounen in the Earth-Sphere who had an even more pimped ride and a legion of stone cold dead female admirers. But still, Scirroco surely has the distinction of being the only villain who ever got one over on the usually untouchable hero in a Gundam show. Poor Camille went sailing far away...

Akito Sohma [Fruits Basket] About as evil as any normal person (in Manga terms) can get. Give this guy(sic) super powers or a big robot and the whole world would be up the brown waters without a paddle. But then, Akito's rather more mundane villiany is probably far more interesting, and ultimately, he is his own worst victim.

Gallus Glee

Dandy Guy, in Space
1. Gold & Silver from Golgo 13 - demented cackling killers in shiny pseudo-kinky jumpsuits. Now that's what I'm talking about.

2. Lucifer from Angel Cop - she played up for the camera but she really was NASTY.

3. That mean old guy from the smurfs - just what did he have against them? They're tiny blue people that sing for God's sake - decaffinated from now on, young man.
Kupoartist -

OMG that's so true - if Akito did have an army or anything, we'd all be done for. Who needs super powers when you have a personality like his!

Gallus Glee -

Yes! I loved the smurfs, never understood why that old guy had it in for them either.

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Baka Ranger
Paul said:
Griffith (Berserk) - The whole series is basically documents his fall from heroism to villainy, and what a fall.
I was thinking about that, it's sort of hard to call Griffith a villian from where I am in the manga series [if you've read it] when he becomes Femto though, I guess he is a villian.
I'd like to say Nosferatu Zodd and remove Aizen from my list.
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Ryo Chan

1. Dilandau - Escaflowne. as mentioned before, he's just pure crazy
2. Creed - Black Cat. Perfect example of how being a bishy can make you crazy lol


1. Vampire Twins - Black Lagoon - Creep kids with an axe and large machine gun, brilliant

2. Knives - Trigun - A true Psycho

3.NO ANSWER - too many badguys/villains I like to fill in slot 3