Ikki Tousen


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I've got to admit this is pretty tempting.
Art box and manga?
But is it worth getting? I saw a random episode a while back, it seemed okay but is it the kind of thing you'd want to watch again (for anything other than the fan service)?

Damn them and their art box and manga :!:


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it is really funny and the action and fighting is very good. but if you dont like fanservice then this is not the right seire for you as its hard to watch even a minte where there is not a pantie shot or something else like it.

but overall its got alot more too it then just fanservice.


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i wont lie tho there is alot of fan service but when you look paast that it has a very good story and its grips you to the very end.


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Capuchin said:
Good. I was mainly worried it was just fanservice with little else to it.

Ermmm I have to warn you that's more or less the working definition of Ikki Tousen, I quite enjoyed the anime, and while the story is of fleeting interest any development is lost in a sea of white lingerie and innuendo, so if that's not your thing I'd steer well clear. If you want a similar title, but without the OTT brassiere shots go for the vastly superior Tenjho Tenge, same kind of thing, but with a better storyline, animation and action that keeps the fan service to a minimum.


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Going to echo the fact that while Ikki-Tousen is mindless fun it really is little else. The manga for it is far superior to the anime in terms of pretty much everything, (the anime pretty much runs entirely different to the manga bar a few sections) and Tenjho Tenge as has been said is a far better anime in general. That said its not an entirely pointless thing to watch as long as your prepared for what it is.

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Mangaminx said:
Going to echo the fact that while Ikki-Tousen is mindless fun it really is little else.

I totally agree, its mindless but fun. The animation is pretty cool, but the opening music is terrible :)


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I have to echo the general consensus of "mindless fun", it doesn't really go anywhere and fanservice is the name of the game; volume 1 was the weakest imo but the rest was quite enjoyable in its way. At the end of the day, though, it felt a bit like an extended ad for the manga and as already mentioned, anime-wise Tenjho Tenge is a better choice.
I'll likewise dip into the barrel of the obvious and declare Ikki's shallowness, which perhaps breaks new records for being neuron-destroyingly foolish and absurdly over the top.

Yet it does have some fantastic personalities that can broadly be defined as the starring "ditzy" one whose school uniforms never seem to last a day without bursting, her rather less naive cousin who I have a soft spot for, the smoothly manipulating Sagi and a series of schoolgirl psychopaths, all who seem to have shorter skirts than the last, and more bizarre fetishes.

As per usual, i'll chip in with a "the manga is better" comment; while we have the same amount of outlandish fanservice, it does actually have a slight strand of something, that, if left to evolve for millions of years, could qualify as "plot."


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Some good news, it look like MVM have gone all out for this release.
the artbox look great and looks like it will last for sometime.
Its also great to see MVM have added the revereable cover one with battle vixens on the front and the other side with ikki tousen on it (makes a charge from there anime preview side they have on the inside of most of they dvds).
To makes thing even better is the manga noval vol 1 that comes with it :)


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LOL, i haven't even watched the first ep yet (DAMN HWK!), but the artbox is the best so far, and with the manga too, I LOVE YOU MVM PPL'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL im over excited again !!!!

LOL i watched the trailer for Ikki Tousen and the song and all of it made me fall in love with it. Then i saw some more Madman clips of it, and i can't wait to see it!

I dled the OP too, so addictive, and i don't know why, but there is something that just makes Ikki Tousen and Tenjho Tenge go together really well, even the OP's feel like they are the same type of thing, i love it all, OMG going hyper LOL

EDIT: That reminds me, if the Tenjho Tenge release doesn't come with an artbox + tonnes of extra's, i'm going to personally slap the head of MVM :wink:

:p :p :p


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Sorry to rain on the parade, but I though Ikki Tousen was pretty disappointing. Sure, it's midless fun, but there are other shows that do the same job and do it better. The op theme was garbage, the main character annoying and even the fan service was tiresome (the size of Hakufu's assets proof that you can have too much of a good thing).

If the second disc explores the storyline that was set up in the first one I'll be happy to be proved wrong though! I'm willing to give it a second chance because it has at least the potential to become a fun show. :)