If you had control...


I'm on a mission to try and subdue the admins to gain power over their precious site and your forums...

So I think I'll start up a game here to see how everyone will seize control of something belonging to another.
As we go on, I'd like the person after me describe what and why they want to take off my post and then describe how they're going to do it.

So let's see how this goes - Like I said, I'm taking over the admin's site, mainly by "persuading" Arby to give me admin powers on Chat. I wish to either change or not change this site to my whim and amusement, and make sure no one can do anything about it! Mwahaha!! I'd like to see who can stop me!
Also, I'd like to see what you whelps can try to take from me!


I'd change Arby's name to Ryo-chan and Ryo-chan's nick to Arby by playing the two of them against each other.