If western stories had anime/light novel titles


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Take a western movie, series, or book, and give it two new titles: one imagining it had started as an anime, and the other imagining it had started as a light novel.


The Avengers
Anime: New Century Superhuman Taskforce Abengel
LN: This Super Team Ain't Big Enough for this Rich Ass and America's Ass

The Lord of the Rings
Anime: Revolutionary Ringbearer Frodo
LN: I'll Show Them That Even a Little Guy Can Take on the Demon Lord (or: That Time I Simply Walked Into Mordor)


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Anime: Super Horny Space Beast Sil
LN: Is it Wrong to Pick Up Guys on Earth (and then Kill Them)?

Julius Caesar
Anime: Absolute God Emperor Shiisa Revengeance
LN: Even My Best Friend Betrayed Me?! My Imperial Dynasty is Wrong as I Expected


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Doctor Who
LN: Is our student an alien from another world? The girl who lives in a Police Box inside a junkyard.
Anime: Transdimensional Time-traveller Susan Foreman!

LN: As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster.
Anime: So I’m a funny guy, so what?
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Aw, man... 😅
I love this thread idea, but it doesn't half show up how little of a consumer of Western media I've become.
If it were anime titles I had to work with, I'd have more choice. I enjoyed coming up with these, for example:

I'll have to reach a bit for these ones, but how about...

HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe
Anime: Courageous Sentinel Fantasy Warrior MUSCULOR

LN: How Heavy is the Sword of Power You Lift in Another World? or Greyskull: That Time I Became One of the Masters of the Universe

Anime: Extra-Dimensional Phantom Elimination Squad

LN: If There's Something Strange in Your Neighborhood, Who You Gonna Call?

(With inspiration from @RebelNotorious there. 😋👍)


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@Neil.T I think you did more than your fair share in that thread you linked.
LN: If There's Something Strange in Your Neighborhood, Who You Gonna Call?
I like it, but I think I would have gone with: There’s something strange in my neighbourhood! Who am I gonna call!?
I can even see the cover art, a shocked open mouthed schoolgirl cowering from a ghost in the foreground while the Ghostbusters form a heroically posed pyramid behind.
I can even see the cover art, a shocked open mouthed schoolgirl
Part of that reminds me of this DVD cover for Ghost Hunt:

Girls with Guns

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Oooh, going off track, this is meant to be good if I'm not mistaken? Was it ever released on blu ray (thanks to Dai's defective discs thread I've become dvd phobic!! except when no blu ray versions in existence)

I have the two original US Funimation DVD thinpak sets of Ghost Hunt, each has two thinpaks inside a sideload slipbox, so there is a lot of G1-size artwork in the sets... I would highly recommend this series to you, hedgy, I really enjoyed it - some of the arcs in the series are actually quite scary/creepy for just being anime, and one arc is actually a bit of a tearjerker. Find it. Buy it. Watch it. Do it! :)



OK, back on topic! I'm trying to come up with one - working on it!
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