how to draw manga books


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well i recommend the art of drawing manga by ben krefta. It's quite good because it has a bit of everything and lots of little tips on how to draw expressions, actions and general stuff like folds on clothes and perspective of weapons ect... which i found particularly helpful :D


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I've a few art and how to draw books for sale if you're interested

As for top titles How to Draw Manga is definately worth a look with a very comprehensive number of volumes. You may fight to find some though but here is are links to some good suppliers. ... y/4/2278/0 ... a+volume+1


I have a few volumes of 'Mini Manga' ... mini+manga


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As an aside I can offer the above book and a few others as a set for a better price than that stated in the above link.


I have quite a few of the How To Draw Manga books, and they're all pretty damn good. if you're looking in actual bookshops, make sure you actually like the style of illustration shwon in the books before buying, otherwise you'll learn habits that you'll find it difficult to break.