How often do you go back to rewatch?


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After spending 1hr yesterday night trying to choose what to watch (anime), between a movie or a show, something new or something I've watched already, I thought it would be interesting to hear everyone's opinions on this.

Do you ever get to this point of not knowing what to watch next?

How often do you go back to rewatch something?

Do you even go back since there's almost always a backlog?

With me is like, everytime I think about rewatching something, this thought comes to my mind "why are you gonna rewatch this when there's so many new stuff out there to be seen for the 1st time?!" Still I go and rewatch stuff lots of time cause of nostalgia or just cause they are that good and deserve to be rewatched.

Yesterday night I've decided to rewatch Summers Wars and I'm glad I did, it was only the second time but it was worth it. Plus first time was on dvd and now on BD so, at least it was worth for the visuals xD Awesome movie.

In the end this work for videogames too.

oS yeah... just let me hear your thoughts if you have some free time, while you might be trying to choose your next...


Personally I rewatch less now than I used o. I had more time then.

Still the way I choose to watch remains unaffected, I simply go for what I’m in the mood for, if it’s new it’s new and if it isn’t well... it isn’t.

I tend to go more for new than old however the ones I’m happy to go back and rewatch are ones I probably don’t mind going back to rewatch repeatedly.

Sometimes it’s for nostalgia other times it’s to get something I know I’ll like.


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Good topic, I sometimes go back and rewatch shows depending on mood or impulse. Sometimes its because I get board of my anime backlog which im now nearing the end. Its also nice to pick up on things you missed on an initial watch especially if there has been a few years gap.

Great thing about rewatching is I know I already like the show. Its also worth noting that I tend to rewatch dubs for a slightly different experience as I usually watch subbed first time round.


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Depends on how I'm feeling to be honest. My recent rewatches have been of anime I haven't seen since 2015/2016 such as Bleach and Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone Complex and Second Gig. I have some all time favourites that I like to rewatch at least once a year (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Space Dandy, Steins;Gate) and I might make rewatching Naruto Shippuden a yearly thing as well.


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"Do you ever get to this point of not knowing what to watch next?" - I don't tend to have problems with this simply because I simulcast shows and therefore always have something new to watch season to season.

"How often do you go back to rewatch something?" - I'd say I watch my favourites every couple of years or if I have an itch for a certain world or cast of characters, but the bulk of my rewatching honestly comes from my work reviewing. Because I watch simulcasts it tends to be that a lot of the shows that pass my desk now are things I've seen before. Reviewing is actually a nice excuse to rewatch some stuff lol.

"Do you even go back since there's almost always a backlog?" - I feel like there is always value in going back to your favourites and the shows you love, even if you have a big backlog of stuff. Then again I always watch so much anime these days that sometimes you just find yourself craving the things you love.
I watch something, it goes to the bottom of the pile, and works its way back up to the top of the pile for a rewatch.

Of course after some 15 years of collecting anime on DVD, and now on Blu-ray, 1 pile is now 43 piles... and at the top of the rewatch pile is anime I last saw in 2005. although most of the rewatching comes from anime I last saw three to five years ago.

My live action rewatch pile is even more delayed, some movies I haven't rewatched in over 10 years.

And yet I still can't stop buying new stuff. Although I have to admit that I'm double dipping stuff from DVD to Blu-ray to make an excuse to watch it again.
I've only rewatched Cowboy Bebop and Bleach seasons 1-3 in terms of TV shows (although I have watched every episode of A Place Further Than the Universe from the current season twice!)
I've watched loads of films more than once though. I try to watch all the Ghibli films once a year, even the poorer ones.


I try to watch all the Ghibli films once a year, even the poorer ones.
It's funny, because the only thing I have a guaranteed annual rewatch of is Akira. I watch it around late October/early November, around the same time of year as when I first saw it. It's become a tradition now.
It's funny, because the only thing I have a guaranteed annual rewatch of is Akira. I watch it around late October/early November, around the same time of year as when I first saw it. It's become a tradition now.
Akira will probably be rewatched at some point during the year and Tokyo Godfathers at Christmas (stole the idea from someone here).

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I show anime in my projection theater to quite a few friends, and also my mother, actually - I've successfully gotten them all hooked on anime. So I basically am doing a re-watch every time I show a series to one of them. My 74-year old mother has been coming just about every Sunday for the last 3 years to marathon anime, anywhere from 6-14 episodes at a sitting. The next door neighbor couple in their early 30's I just recently introduced to anime, they've seen about 10 series so far over the past year and are totally into it now; they'll watch about 6 episodes each evening they visit. I have two other friends who watch some anime with me less often, and I have about 6 other friends who come to all my Studio Ghibli Marathons, 3 movies on a Sunday afternoon/evening with a supper break for sandwiches from the local pizza shop, which I host about twice a year. We're scheduling Ghibli Marathon #6 for sometime in late March. Except for the neighbor couple, everyone else is mainly in their 60's and 70's, so it's great to get more older folks interested in anime! Pretty much everything I show to all these people is anime I have already watched myself, so I do get quite a bit of re-watching done this way... :)
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@Girls wIth Guns wow that's amazing!! :) I've only shown a few to my girlfriend but as far as I remember it was only Death Note and AoT season 1 plus Garden of Words and, I believe, Ghost in the Shell and maybe Tokyo Godfathers. Oh and Wolfen Children :D

By the way, I forgot to mention in the first post but this indecision of what to watch next and if old or new comes from having a lot of less free time these days, so between gaming and anime plus real life, sometimes it gets hard to know where to go to :confused:

This might sound completely insane and ridiculous but on my collection excel sheet, I write the dates of when I did finish watching something, just for curiosity. Looking back, I can see that in 2014 I have almost like 50% of my collection where in 15, 16 and 17 I barely watched any, cause at the same time, I barely bought any anime. But wit the dates I could take a few notes and fun facts indeed. Don't know if anyone does something similar or if in MAL you can see the dates... I know you have this link below but mines doesnt show anything beyond 1 week old..

thanks for sharing your thoughts, its fun to see how everyone deals with this