How much do you spend every month?


State Alchemist
Obviously there's a difference if you're paying a subscription, that's why I said, if you're only watching free streams. The advertisers are paying that money regardless of whether anyone is watching though. Hell, I use adblock and never see 90% of online adverts, but the advertisers keep paying to put 'em up.


Karamatsu Boy
They pay per click, with stats reported per view, so people actually loading them does help. Watching the legal streams is also highly relevant as some localisation companies (the ones who release anime cheaply in particular) have stated they use legit viewing figures as part of their decision when releasing a show. For example, some shows which did better than expected as streams ended up getting almost decent releases (with blu-rays and dubs) rather than barebones discs with zero quality control.



Straw Hat Pirate
It varies completely from month to month. I'd say £0-150 perhaps 200 on rare occasions, but my buying spreeds are sporadic so its probably below £100 on average.

The pool of cash I buy anime is my 'luxuries/hobbies' pool, so anime etc is always vying for the pool of cash with my other hobbies. Some months anime wins out, other months other things or even saving/necessities win out.


Pokémon Master
Like a lot of people, i do watch fansubs of course but when i like the show i'll buy it without hesitation once it gets a r1/uk release so i support industry in a way like everyone who pays for that kind of service.


Straw Hat Pirate
I never planned an amount to spend per month, usually I buy what I think is interesting, so there are months where I spend a lot of money, other where I spend really few. During 2011 I spent about 3000 euro for anime and now I have a huge backlog, DVDs/BDs worth for something like 30 weeks or more. So in the next months I'll buy only what I can't miss (discounts, LEs I really want), it has not much sense to continue buying and pile all the stuff.



School Idol
I generally spend whatever I feel like spending. Usually this involves me spending far more than I should as a student without a job.


Magical Girl
I would say that monthly I spend around £20-60. But that changes if a figure comes out I want or I go to an expo, like this month, where I am bound to spend way over that.