Hot or Not

I Can'ts See it :cry:

But Judging from the the bar thingy at the top It's...Musubi Sekirei #88.
She's Kinda hot, I don't see her as hot though more cute and adorable, there's a couple of others in that show who do fill the 'Hot' void though!

Satsuki from Ichigo 100%
Matsu Proves Geek Girls can be hot too!
Whether she's showing of her...Weaponry or Riding a Motorcycle she's got it!

We haven't much Shojo representation around here recently, So I give to you... Asako Natsume from My Little Monster
... Only hot when she's not just twirling a leek around... Mmmm, bacon covered leeks covered in an ice cream sauce.

Ahem, carrying on...

Any of the HOTD girls catch your fancy, peeps? (Saeko's my personal favourite... :D )
Saeko FTW! Super Hot, Rei & Saya are both quite hot Saya probably edges it due to Pink hair and Glasses, Shizuka Probably not but there are definitely some things I'm curious about ;)

Ok now, while on the subject 'of the dead

Rea Sanka from Sankarea
He's okay, but unfortunately NOT good enough. I'm not even a fan of Haruhi, but I'd still say Kyon is better.

Since I'm going through Shiki just now think I'll do a double and throw out these two lovely ladies:


and Chizuru



State Alchemist
Is the one at the back (and no, I don't mean the cat) small or far away? That can make all the difference. Perhaps the safest bet is just any / all (again, except the cat).

Did we have new Fujiko yet? It's about time we did.
Kyon said:
Girls with short hair? Generally don't find that attractive so not.
Be sure to send them all my way then. Personal preference is such an odd thing isn't it? It's so hard to contemplate what it must be like to dislike something you find awesome... (no slight on you intended Kyon, just ruminating).


State Alchemist
Fujiko, hot obv.

You (the girl squirreled away at the back there, not "ayase") isn't, er, of any great stature (funny how that sounds like the not-at-all relevant word "statutory", eh?), but that is being compounded by perspective. I think the safest choice was definitely just Black Rabbit (in the middle). ^^;

Have a full sized version of my avatar:

Yui-Yui is most certainly a Hot. One of the best things about an all round brilliant show.

Hannah from Black Butler II. Wanted to find the ass shot from this ep, but strangely can't.