Higurashi: When They Cry (2020) Episode 13

Rena Ryuugu

Wow, what a awesome episode :D

Wasn't expecting that ending, felt really bad for Rena seeing nearly all her friends being killed :( Also wasn't expecting Teppei to suddenly appear at Keiichi as he turned on the lights.

I was feeling Ooishi was being suspicious the last few episodes, so my hunch was confirmed. A shame, they might have had a happy end.

Next arc is nekodamashi, so I wonder if's based on the nekogoroshi arc.


This arc raised more questions than answers for me.

Did Satoko lure Keichii to Teppei (I think she did)
What was Ooishi's trigger
we didn't see anything scare Takano or Tomitake this time around.
etc etc too much to really list


Student Council President
What an episode. This arc is indeed very puzzling, the previous episodes all felt pretty straightforward giving little clues (as far as I could see, at least) for me to speculate. I was half-expecting Satoko to already be dead or Satoko having murdered Teppei. Ooishi going on a killing spree was a complete and utter shock. Honestly, I'm glad they didn't depict that as I'm not sure I could stomach it.

But one thing I'm quite convinced of, is that Keiichi didn't actually encounter and kill Teppei in Satoko's house. Instead I think Satoko actually attacked Keiichi. Either directly or, as someone speculated, by booby-trapping the light switch. If it did happen as depicted; how come Satoko went back to the festival but didn't notify or warn anyone? (Although, it is possible there was already commotion caused by Ooishi). But also, if Keiichi would've kept his memories, the police officer could easily refute that Teppei was on the premise at that point in time.

Now the biggest question is of course what caused Ooishi to do this. While it's clear that Ooishi doesn't always follows the rules, he wouldn't do anything without plausible deniability. This amount of excessive lethal force makes no sense, even if he would learn certain information/conspiracies/whatever. More likely is of course Hinamizawa Syndrome, perhaps induced? But how exactly or why...?

All in all, Satoko is very suspicious in this. She is the one who updates Keiichi on the situation (and likely the others), she decides to not go to the clinic (why?) and she leads Keiichi to her house.