Hibanacon 2017 Nov 10-12 Milton Keynes


School Idol
It's been *looks at profile* many years since I was a semi-regular poster here but I thought it was worth sending out a shout about something I'm involved with anyway.

I'm now the Vice President of Hibanacon, a new 3 day residential anime convention in Milton Keynes with room for 350 people. We've got a mix of panels (from the people behind Sweatdrop Studios, the Dynamite in the Brain Podcast, and the UK Anime Network podcast), 3 days of evening party events (including DJ Snap), a dealers room full of things for people to buy (Including Portal Games our sponsor, United Publications, Miss Moonshine Makes, Sweatdrop Studios and more), a Cosplay Ball with Dance lessons and so much more.

Tickets are priced at £50 for the whole weekend and like Amecon/Kitacon/etc. that's inclusive of all con activities.

Convention staff will be around at Tokonatsu and Kitacon in the UK if you want a chat, or we can be found on twitter at Hibanacon (@Hibanacon) | Twitter facebook at Hibanacon and finally our website at www.hibanacon.co.uk where we publish weekly articles about the convention, what's on, and where we're moving forward.