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I regularly check out this site so thought I'd join the forum!

Just a quick intro, I'm too old to mention, loved anime for 12 years, faves Sailor Moon, Prince of Tennis, Fushigi Yuugi, Hana Yori Dango, Hunter x Hunter.
Have got extremely fedup with all the boring elitist forums out there, so thought it might be nicer to join a smaller more informal one, so here I am :lol:
Hope that'll do??!!


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Well to the forums Miaka-chan! I'm glad you decided to sign up and hope you stick around to share your opinions with us all.

Hunter x Hunter - I've been tempted to check this one out in the past. Some compare it to Naruto- is it that good? I tend to enjoy a lot of the anime of this genre (Bleach is the latest I'm following!).


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Hunter X Hunter is very good, I couldn't say if it compares to Naruto as I've never seen it (please don't gasp in horror!!). After I watched the TV series and OVA, I thought "not another anime that has no ending!" but after a couple of years the final OVA called Greed Island has been released to finish off the story (so if you get it, don't forget to get Greed Island!!). It's one of those "different" anime, if you know what I mean? It doesn't seem to copy anything, which was a refreshing change :D