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    So I've been on this forum for a while even though I've been mainly lurking, but I've only just noticed this section on the forum so I figured I'd at least post something.

    I'm from The Netherlands and I've been watching anime for a very long time.

    Many, many years ago they showed a couple of anime movies on the BBC during a couple of weekends sometime during the late 90s (Akira, Patlabor: The Movie and Roujin Z) and I've been hooked ever since really. Though I did like various animes when I was a kid, but I never knew that it was Japanese (with my absolute favourite during those days being The Adventures of Alfred J. Quack which I am still quite fond of).
    I like far too many shows for me to list (and that list grows every day), but my all time favourites are Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Lucky Star, Noein, Fantastic Children and Ergo Proxy.

    Anyway, hi! :D
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    Looks like AL has been giving you a busy time recently with all these releases of your favourites. :D
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    Welcome to the forums Caren :)
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    Yes, they have :D I don't know how they managed to get so many of my favourites, but I love their releases so I'm not complaining.
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    Hello to you! 'Tis most interesting to learn that Roujin Z was shown once by the Beeb. How times change.
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    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Hello and welcome to AUKN!
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    Welcome! Great taste in liking Escaflowne and Ergo Proxy :)