Hi ~waves~


Hi everyone ~WAVES~

My real name is Jemma and i come from a crappy town in kent im 25 n i love anime/manga -guess i wouldn't be here other wise- Aside from anime/manga i love video games -have all upto date console-, music, movies. Also into art and drawing -mainly anime stlye atm but can draw all sorts~

God im crap at these introduction well see you all around =)


BlackWolf said:
Hi and welcome to the forums :) What series are you into? Hope you stick around

Hi thanks for the welcome, series im into hmmm atm prob gurren laggan but ive really love trinity blood in the middle of re-watching it. Also love weiss kreuz, saiuyuki -trying hard to finish of reload and gunlock but its not going well lol-

Spyro201 said:
Ahoy thar. What music are yee into??

Hmm i don't mind most stuff i don 't really have any fav bands or anything atm, ive been listening to a group called tokio hotel a lot lately

Thanks every one else for the welcome as well


BlackWolf said:
evangelion rocks said:
Bad Wolf said:
Welcome, have a cookie
Carefull now,you remember what happened when we involved cookies last time....

yeah...you some how managed to destroy the whole place >_> that reminds me...back to work! :p

Yeah, me and eva sorta escaped at midnight as planned...bad wolf will have to clean up the cookie dough explosion :lol:

*waves* hey Aya, good to see another member :)
have a feeling you'll fit right in (you managed to work out the quote button....some members STILL struggle with that haha) please dont be put off by some of our random convo's......mostly a nice bunch, :)

awell, cya around.