Hi there


Hi all, normally I’m terrified at joining in but most my friends aren’t in to anime and I needs a place to talk about it. Pretty easy going and also an avid gamer and lover of tv. Hope to make some new friends here to be total otaku’s with. Will be a bit shy st first but once you getting me chatting😂
Welcome XD I'm in a sort of simular situation as there aren't many people to talk about anime with, I'm pretty much the only one into it, apart from the odd series my brothers get into, the perils of a niche interest in the UK, but if you know where to look online and watch streaming habits, the rest are joining the borg that is the fandom!

You picked the right place to talk about anime! Though, despite @Teapot and his rusty - trusty wrench, the pipes burst and gencov leaks in, he puts us behind one of those toddler fences while he fixes that, but there's toy cars so.it ain't all bad