Hi im a humanoid being from a ✨BoX✨


Completely Average High School Student
Hi im HOWARD Idk what to say :
I like movie and book collecting my fave book and movie are lotr and hobbit I play ps4 and ps2 I also own a laptop for minecraft if I go out I usually take my game boy or my 3ds I did buy a switch not used it yet but got it when it came out (not used becuse games cost a lot and I can't find online games) my astetics are I spose what ever an aneme/gamer is and I am half dark academia but I can't rlly do it verry well becuse it's 2021 not 1800 soo yeaa but I encorperate bits I'm also 18 so Idk is that useful info I got no style ever lol or friends 🐛✨🐙