Hi everyone.


Completely Average High School Student
Hi everyone,

I'm Ids, from the Netherlands.

I was mainly following the "Anime Industry Discussion" threads for a time now, to keep up with all new releases, but before posting I wanted to introduce myself a bit.

Well my interest restarted when I wanted to see Gundam Wing, around 2010/11, which I never finished when I saw it as a kid on Dutch television.

One thing let to another first only watching sci-fi show, because I was tired by all live action sci-fi shows at that time which didn't interest me or I had already seen and Anime brought something new, I remembered a show which I once saw on AnimeCentral (I think, the UK television channel, which could be received with a satellite dish in the Netherlands for free), Ghost in the Shell which I really liked and finally watched the whole show.

My first new anime that I saw was Eureka Seven.

From then on I started diverging in many different genres and I switched for the first time to Japanese with English subtitles because an English dub was not available for that show, I believe it was A Certain Magical Index.

This in turn started my interest in Japanese which I sort of started learning by myself, but I never went to class for that so it's still not that good although I can watch most slice of life anime series without subtitles, it shouldn't get too technical though. 😅

One of my first and favorite anime has to be (before I even knew what anime was): Alfred J. Kwak

Well to summarize my hobbies, I have a few:
Collecting Anime, mostly Blu-ray, I think one of my first is the Patema Inverted - Ultimate Edition by All the Anime, backer number 270 says hi.
Here's my list (not entirely complete, I don't think all releases are available there): https://www.blu-ray.com/community/collection.php?u=751920
Collecting/reading some manga (A certain scientific Railgun, Sankarea, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, Ubel Blatt, Berserk, to name a few).
Reading Sci-fi/Fantasy books (Ring World, Hyperion, Lord of the Rings).
Listening to music, power metal, darkwave, synthpop (also Japanese music, favorite bands are Susumu Hirasawa, Zabadak, Akino Arai, Yousei Teikoku, also some op/ed and soundtracks from anime/visual novels), I do buy CDs from Japan, even some power metal ones with Japanese bonus tracks.
Gaming, playing Xenoblade Chronicles 2, bought the new OLED switch last year, and some PC games.
For the creative side of me, I design things with LEGO bricks: here's my profile: Ids

Well thanks for reading this whole introduction text which when put together sums it up and is a lot of text. :p



Welcome to AUKN, dude. A fellow Nintendo Switch OLED owner and self-learner of Japanese here.

I followed the link to your Flickr. Wow, M-Tron! That really brings back memories; I used to have some of those Lego sets as a kid. I'd actually forgotten all about them until I saw those recognisable bright green transparent parts. Nice builds, man. 👍

Good to have you here.


Completely Average High School Student
Thanks for the welcoming.

@Dai I also already bought Xenoblade Chronicles, but first I have to finish 2, I really like that game.

@Neil.T Thank you, nice to meet another that's also a self-learner of Japanese.

Those Lego space sets are also one of my favorites from my childhood, making updated and expand upon those original Lego themes is very fun.