Hi Everyone!


Dragon Knight
Hi Everyone

I'm Will, in my 30s, been watching anime since uni days. My anime collection is pretty ludicrous these days. Started out with Ghost in the Shell and for a while only watched 'dark sci fi' before FMP fumoffu showed me the delights of insane comedy! These days I'll watch pretty much any genre.

I first found the forum round Xmas when trying to work out what would be in the Anime Ltd and MVM mystery boxes. It was a lot of help so thanks for that!

I've been coming on here more often recently so figured I'd join up properly.


Welcome! Love how you set up that K-ON! Stuff.
Started with GitS and moved onto comedy? Tsk tsk... joking one of my fave isakaes is konosuba
May the DVD bargain three empty your wallet!


Dragon Knight
Thanks Everyone!

I'm going to take a better photo of the K-on lot tonight so Ritsu is also visible (she's actually my favourite and the first one I got a few years ago)