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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Orthus, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Orthus

    Orthus Completely Average High School Student

    Well after trying to think of a decent name and all, for an account for these forums, I discovered I already had a account from 2006. Which was used for a little while and completely forgotten about it seems...

    So I guess that means I have returned o_0, even though I posted barely more than a dozen posts so no one would even know me LOL.

    Anyways. Putting that aside.

    Hi. My name is Orthus (20's me, apparently had a mythology thing going on at the time), I'm in my late 30's now (eeek) from around the London area. Unfortunately I literally know nobody who likes anime. My missus who used to watch it, has not done so in years due to work load and kiddies. So I'm bereft of people to chat with on the subject of anime and various things.

    Other interests of mine include:
    Gaming on PS4 & PC, mainly RPG's, JRPG's, SRPG's and FPS.
    Sci-fi and fantasy novels, TV and films.
    Recently got into reading light novels, find the alternative world genre which dominates a bit hit and miss mostly.

    So I'm hoping I have found a nice place to chat and chill.

    ... Orthus
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  2. IncendiaryLemon

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    Hello and welcome back! :)
  3. Neil.T

    Neil.T Straw Hat Pirate

    Welcome, welcome!

    Yeah, I myself know literally... one person who does. Geh.

    Anyway, you've come (back) to the right place, @Orthus! :D
  4. Peachy

    Peachy Bumpkin AUKN Staff

    Helllllo! Welcome back :)
  5. Sarah

    Sarah Staff AUKN Staff

    Welcome back @Orthus - I reckon we must have first joined about the same time! :)
  6. Teapot

    Teapot Webmaster Administrator

    Welcome! If you decide you want a new name, let one of us admins (with the red banners) know, and I'm sure we can sort something out :)
  7. NormanicGrav

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    Welcome back to the world of Anime UK News.
  8. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Scrambled Valkyrie Brigade Leader

    Welcome back. Pretty new around here myself only been here for under a month. Enjoy!
  9. Orthus

    Orthus Completely Average High School Student

    Thank you all :). Sorry for late reply, been busy with works and kiddies.
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