Heroes TV Series

Rena Ryuugu

It has been really good . I started watching it on sci fi about halfway and now it is on bbc2 I can watch the episodes I haven`t seen.


WOW brilliant the first two eps really blew me away and I can't wait to see more especiall with the character Hiro and the mom who kills people :D


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I absolutely adored the first two episodes.The interraction between Hiro and Ando was so great hahah pretty much fell in love with them straight away.Can't wait to see more :p


Started watching Heroes when it came out in teh US and loved it.
Hiro is naturally my favourite.
Ali Larter is just eye candy though.


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Can't wait to watch tonights episode.

Then watch it on Stage6 or something.
Why? ;/

Saying that, I would much rather be lying on a sofa than sitting on a computer chair.
So then it's much better watching it on TV, though there's no problem with the TVs quality and like... there's no point burning through the series by going to Stage6 and just watching it all in one go, to me, at least.


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Fan4Lost said:
Love this show! What episode are you guys up to in the UK?

In the UK, where are you?

The first season has aired in its entirety on Sci-Fi and BBC is up to episode 3 or 4 at the moment. xD.


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I'm in the US. Is that a bad thing? *halo over head* The first season ended in June. Don't worry, I would never spoil it for anyone. I hate spoilers.

So you guys could pretty much watch it on Sci-fi when they reran it. Thats cool. They did that here too but I just could never find the time to watch it. I watched it on NBC.com.


I am quite surprised at how much I am enjoying this. At heart I hate superhero films. 99.9% of them are horribly cheesy and the trouble is they are complete Deus Ex Machina's all the way through (Superman is my worst. I've yet to read/see/hear a single good superman story) Examples: Spiderman (cheesy as hell) Fantastic 4 (lighteweight and cheesy as hell) X-men (reasonable, but still cheesy)

The only superhero film I really like is Batman Begins, because it takes almost every thing really seriously, and it works amazingly.

Hence I watched Heroes with more than a little apprehension. But to my pleasant surprise it is turning out great. True is is very cheesy at times, however it works simply for having a great and intreaguing plot to it which just carries everything onward no matter what. Together with some very memorable and likable characters, it overcomes the superhero weakness and enthralls with the sci fi story.

Muchly good. I shall keep watching this one.