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I recently launched my own blog which mainly focuses on tokusatsu and anime. This is actually my fourth attempt at a blog, after my first 3 attempts didn't go out the way I planned (blogs 1 (blogger) and 2 (wordpress) were named "Henshin Belts and Clow Cards", and blog 3 (also blogger) was named "Henshin Belts and Clear Cards"). I'll be focusing on reviews for the time being, but I may be doing other posts which could include countdowns (e.g. Top 10s, Top 20s, etc.), and I may throw in a post unrelated to either tokusatsu or anime.

I already did my first post 2 days ago, which covers my thoughts on Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger 8 episodes in, and I'm in the process of reviewing Ultraman R/B (I'm 10 episodes in at the time of this writing, and have 15 episodes remaining).

I've got other reviews planned, but you are more than welcome to give me suggestions for other shows for me to review (both tokusatsu and anime).

The link to my blog:
Henshin Belts and Sakura Cards


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I've added a list of upcoming reviews on Henshin Belts and Sakura Cards. It's on the right hand side of the blog, and it includes my next review, which will be Guilty Crown.

Although I planned 20 reviews in advance (10 of which are currently listed), I am open to requests. But here are the requirements for requests:
  • The reviews don't have to be shows that I've yet to watch. It can even be shows that I've already seen before.
  • It can either be a tokusatsu series or an anime series.
  • The show (or at least a season) has to have already finished airing. I'm not currently accepting requests for currently airing shows.
  • Overseas adaptations will not be covered at this time.
  • More than one request is welcome, and don't worry if you request something that I've already planned but yet to list.
EDIT: I've updated the list, and now, I'm introducing the concept of a Mystery Review and Requester's Choice. Unlike the others listed, the show (or maybe a movie) I'll be reviewing on both categories will be chosen after I finished the preceding review. For the Mystery Review, I won't be saying what I'll be watching, but once I'm nearly finished with the review, I'll be giving out clues on my Twitter page, and you'll have to guess what I'm reviewing. As for the Requester's Choice, I'll ask for requests and pick one show amongst the requests I've been given, either on here or on Twitter, and any requests I didn't choose then would may be used for a later Requester's Choice review.
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My review of Guilty Crown is finally up!

Anime Review: Guilty Crown

My next review is a Mystery Review, so I won't be revealing what I'll be reviewing until after it's posted, but I'll give you 3 clues on Twitter before I post it.

I've decided to replace the Requester's Choice with a Twitter Vote. For that, I'll display 4 titles on the poll on my Twitter page (in order):
  • 1 tokusatsu series I've yet to watch
  • 1 anime series I've yet to watch
  • 1 tokusatsu series I've already watched
  • 1 anime series I've already watched
The poll will be up during the progress of the proceeding review. Whichever has the most votes will be reviewed after that.