Hemisphere English Cover (RahXephon) (by Ryoko) (Produced by mynameissport)


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Here is my new produced English cover of Hemisphere from RahXephon by Ryoko to celebrate 15 years of the series.

Released by Studio Bones originally in 2002 as a 26 episode anime, this song was used as the only opening from the series. Due to time constraints, was only able produce a TV size opening short version and was supposed to be released in May 2017 but got delayed due to technical issues.



If you cannot view it in your country or it is blocked then use this - Hemisphere English Cover (By Ryoko)


English vocals, audio mix and minor lyric adjustments - Ryoko: ryokodesu97
Major English translyrics: Emii - Emii
Producer, subtitles, graphic and thumbnail design, video editing and other production elements - mynameissport

Feedback and comments are welcome.


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I say BRAVO!

I don't really check in on these threads as much as I really should - I'd liek to hav more time to bea ble to encourage and support folks doing this kind of thing.

That RahXephon opener is an under-rated gem. Loves me some Yoko Kanno.


Always been one of my favourite openings. I think this was really well done, the singer really sounds like Maaya Sakamoto. Top Stuff!