Help to find Short runs or one and done Manga


School Idol

I have a question that i hope can be answered, i don't really have the time to devote to long running manga like Bleach, One Piece...etc, and an hoping you all can help recommend be or point to short runs of manga or even if its just a one shot or one off story done in one complete Volume, I'm open to look into gerne so i can keep an open mind

Many Thanks


Captain Karen
AUKN Staff
I really loved The Gods Lie, which is a one shot. It's a Slice of Life/Romance manga with a bit of a dark twist to it. I found it to be really quite heartwarming in the end, and it captures a great feeling of childhood nostalgia. Definitely one I'd recommend.


Death Scythe
Parasistence Sana
Azumanga Daioh
Mayo Chiki!

All brilliant short manga worth spending an evening on.


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
I'll second the recommendation of The Gods Lie.

My suggestions would be Orange (collected as two omnibus volumes), Complex Age (finished in Japan at six volumes, three translated in English so far) and A Silent Voice (seven volumes, all available) as they all tell some pretty interesting and emotional stories. :)

st_owly (witch)

The Gods Lie is great. Definitely recommend that. Kodansha is releasing a really nice shojo called This Wolf Boy is Mine which is 4 volumes and much better than the title makes it sound (3 volumes out so far)