Help Finding a Manga Please


On stumbling upon United Publications, I found a wealth of manga that I haven't even heard of before, and frankly I haven't a clue where to start.

I'm looking for a manga, the only other manga's that I have read being Mahoromatic #1 and Chobits #1, both of which I enjoyed greatly.

I'm not really into tonnes of action and mecha, so please don't suggest things like that. And I'd prefer it if the manga were not available in anime form, seeing as then I tend to go straight for the anime. As I said I'm looking to buy from United Publications, so manga in the US is fine.

Can anyone suggest anything?

Laughing Manji

School Idol
Yotsub&! is probably cheaper on

Recommended Manga with no anime counterpart

Anne Freaks
Blade of the Immortal historical, samurai
Cannon God Exaxxion sci-fi, action, mecha, war
Eden sci-fi, apocalyptic
Immortal Rain (mostly out, and possibly7 cheaper on play) sci-fi, shoujo, fighting
Remote detective, mystery, crime
Nodame Cantabile (soon to have an anime counterpart) drama, comedy, music
Popo can - gaming, parody, comedy - absolute riot

Recommended Manga with limited/short/weak anime component that you should read anyway:

Appleseed sci-fi
Battle Angel Alita sci-fi, action, fighting (also look out for second series)
Gunsmith Cats (wait for second edition versions though) guns, motors, action
Nausicaa (2nd eds only) sci-fi, adventure, epic