Hello ^^


Completely Average High School Student

I am Tero (from finland).
I like very, very, very much anime and mangas ^^
I started anime with Excel Saga and then Matantei Loki Ragnarok and Puni Puni Poemi.
And now i know little more about anime.

That's all about me...i guess :p


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Welcome to the forums Efin, glad to see a Scandinavian anime fan popping in. What is the anime industry like in Finland? Is it kind of like the UK- i.e. slowly improving?

Hope you stick around!


Completely Average High School Student
Thank you ^^
If we check for 3-5 years later there wasn't so many anime fans in Finland. But now there is a lot more ^^. And here is about 8-13 anime clubs/companys (i think 3-4 companys).
But here isn't so many anime shops. Only in capital (Helsinki) and few others.
But kiosks sell manga books in finnish :p but thats alright.
I wish that i would have more money to buy more :(

I forgot to tell.
In Finland you don't see much anime movies at cinema. Only 2-3 movies has been shown in cinemas and thats all. If want to see movies in Finland you must buy anime movie dvd (or vhs if you can).

Must say that here if you show some anime to girl first impression is "what is that :? " or "thats so cute ^^" :D