Hello 👋


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Thought I'd make a post here as I've yet to make an introduction (despite being a member for a few months).
I'm Loris, and I currently reside in the Highlands of Scotland.

I've been an anime fan since mid-2018 (which is quite recent, I know).
I'm not really particular about what I watch, however I'd say that mecha is probably my favourite genre (despite having watched fairly few mecha shows, lol).
My favourite anime film is Promare and my favourite TV series is Carole and Tuesday or Symphogear, depending on the day of the week :p.

I don't really have anything else to add, so hello once again.
I'd say that mecha is probably my favourite genre
I've become increasingly partial to mecha myself, dude. 😀
There's this thread if you ever fancy popping in to talk about your favourite mecha shows:

And a warm welcome to AUKN.


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Hi Loris! I'm originally from the Highlands myself, though I live at a slightly lower latitude now, though still in Scotland. Promare is a fantastic movie and I really liked Carole and Tuesday, though I've only seen the first few episodes of Symphogear. It seemed totally bonkers.