loved anime and manga since I was a kid.. it's something I miss..
any suggestions for a) where I can watch all the 80's and 90's stuff I loved as a kid that I used to own on VHS...
b)what I should watch now as a discerning adult -
and c)where do I watch that .. Crunchyroll??

Professor Irony

Hi there!

Older shows are a bit spread out between the different streaming services at the moment, particularly as a lot of them aren't available in the UK due to regional licensing restrictions (it's much the same as US Netflix having more live action stuff than the UK). Crunchyroll does have a few retro titles, although Netflix and Amazon Prime both have a few things, as do Hidive - if you're looking for something specific we have a master list of everything available to the UK here. If you can access US content, however, all the streaming services will have more titles likely to be of interest, and RetroCrush & Hulu are also worth a look.

If you're looking for something new with the same vibe as old-school action anime though, I'd check out Netflix's Dorohedoro series, it's really good.