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I'm not very good at introductions so I'll do my best. I'm new here and thought I join and see what this forum is about, since a lot of fourms lately or I've noticed are dieing out for anime realted things. Or they're not as good with the people there I'm afraid for not being friendly. Plus having drama issues happening all the time so makes it not enjoyable and quite toxic to be apart of a community like that. So.. what I can say about myself is I'm a pretty shy gal but can warm up eventually to others. Well I'm not sure what else to say so I guess I'll end my little introduction here. Thank you for listening and I'll see you all around the forum.

Take care~


Hi hi! Nothing dodgy going on in this forum

yup, nothing dodgy at all

hope you enjoy your stay here, may the bargain thread empty your coffers


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Welcome to the forum! A lot of us are also on our official Anime UK News discord but we still keep the forums active especially during various events such as new anime/manga/Japan-related announcements and of course the Christmas season which is very soon.


Completely Average High School Student
@João Gomes

I've been into the anime scene since I was fourteen years old and seen quite a lot over the years. I like fantasy, romance and slice of life genres the most. However I'm willing to watch almost anything. I'm recently getting back into the anime scene though always had love for it since it helped me a lot growing up. I like Goblin Slayer, Flying Witch, Claymore, Recovery of a MMO Junkie, R.O.D the TV, Blood-C , New Game! so far.

Yes, so far this place is rather nice I must say and like the friendly as well chill atmosphere.

João Gomes

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Hey, Read Or Die, I loved the OVA and liked the series quite a bit, too!

Let me just take this opportunity for my daily Ping Pong plug. If you haven't watched it, give it a try 🏓