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  1. I'm Matthew, a bloke from the grim bit between Liverpool and Manchester called St Helens. My usual fare is making very loud and dodgy records for people to dance to, but that tends to get subject to severe procrastination by anime watching habits. My recent manga pickups aren't helping matters.

    My MAL username is Mattra if you want to check out the anime I've watched. I got back into anime around late 2015 through a fighting game my twin was playing, which led him to check the shows featured. He stopped at Toradora, but I continued down the rabbit hole and got to where I am today: a man with a procrastination problem. And also a nendoroid collecting problem.

    Hope all is well. Let me know if I'm messing something up!
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    Welcome to the club.

    Enjoy the discussions that range from the colour of subtitles to your favourite waifus. We have a Q&A thread for any questions you may have about specific releases, and threads dedicated to specific publishers in the UK.

    Enjoy your stay
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    I think that thread was lost after the hack that necessitated the Rebuild of AUKN. Perhaps that thread was the reason for the hack, I dunno. A shame, because it was quite a nice thread.
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    I forgot to mention we also have a discord chat channel if you prefer more lively debates about waifus, and to get to know members with their terrible taste in anime better.

    The link to the discord is somewhere on the forums.
  5. Ta for the heads up, I'll have a look now.
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    Hello to you!
    One must ask this: does the dancing that accompanies these records involve any acts of dodging? The description would be most understandable if so.