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  1. Hallideus

    Hallideus Hikikomori

    Just come across these forums from a spot of googling!

    So, I'm 27, from ROUGHLY near Newcastle in the North of England.
    Grew up on the likes of Dragonball Z, Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, Pokemon, Digimon, Cowboy Bebop and the list could go on. I still keep up with anime to this day, I attend local cons up here which may or may not lead to the partaking and enjoyment of a few ales.

    I'm pretty heavily into music and video games as well, with a fondness for RPGs like the Tales Of and Final Fantasy series... Quite into the Neptunia games too BUT I'LL TRY NOT TO GO ON TOO MUCH ABOUT THEM or I'll be here all day. I'm a passionate musician, play bass, do some vocal-work, write lyrics here and there.
    I'm quite the Heavy Metal anorak as well to put it quick and simple.

    I'm quite heavily interested in history as well, done a few voluntary placements at local museums too which is worth mentioning if it doesn't make me out to be a huge nerd but hey, as if that's a problem eh? :'D
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  2. NoSurprises

    NoSurprises Great Teacher

    Welcome! Or nep nep nep nep* as they would say in the Neptunia games!

    *(Probably, my knowledge comes primarily from memes ashamedly).
  3. Peachy

    Peachy Bumpkin AUKN Staff

    Hey ya!! Welcome :)
  4. britguy

    britguy Za Warudo

    Welcome to another Neptunia fan. I love the games too. Haven't gotten round to VII yet though.

    I'm also a history nerd, did a degree in ancient history but not really utilised it in nearly a decade since!
  5. Hallideus

    Hallideus Hikikomori

    Yeah I've hammered the lot of them on and off over the year, great games.
    I get to utilise my history knowledge a lot these days, but mostly local history as that's what i try to theme my lyrics on that I write.
    Not easy to find for here mind D: