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    I've had an account for a while, but I suppose now that I've actually posted a message on the site I should stop lurking and say hello properly.

    My main (read only) claim to fame is as the author of the monthly UK Anime News Roundup on /r/anime. So if any of you visit the subreddit you might have bumped into me on there before. I also have a MAL and twitter with the same username where I sometimes post as well.

    I got into anime back in 2014, after watching Korra got me interested in what other animated TV shows aimed at older audiences were available. My first few shows were Kill la Kill (A very fun first title to watch!) and Psycho-Pass on Netflix. Some of my favourite shows now are PMMM, Gatchaman Crowds Insight and Shirobako. Recently I've started Ghost in the Shell:SAC, and I'm also really enjoying Jojos, Flip Flappers, Eupho and Girlish Number from this seasons shows.

    So yeah, that's me, it's nice to meet you all!!
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    I did notice your round-up posts every now and then, they're very good and helps those Reddit only users who don't know much on what's going on in the UK side of things.
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    every time I mentioned Kill la Kill to any one they're were all

    "ehh is way to ecchi for me guy"
    Is Mahoro your house maid? seriously I hardly noticed a thing
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    Thank you! If you've only seen them intermittently, I'd highly recommend taking a look back at April and Octobers if you missed them. I have Q&A notes from Shunji Iwai's session at the screening of the Case of Hana and Alice at the GFT in April, and from Naoyoshi Shiotani's two Q&A sessions for Psycho-Pass and Tokyo Marble Chocolate at SLA in November.

    I mean, they're not wrong, it is super fanservicey. I nearly stopped watching myself, but the action was so fun I ended up sticking with it.
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    Oh no that to say they were, yet I was so oblivious to it and made me think whether was this all anybody that I knew or spoke to only saw. I felt at odd as how other users on here have had with Yuri on Ice (which is a top heated topic ATM)