Hello Everybody!


Hello there peoples!

Just found this site, and thought I'd sign up :)

I'm Jim, i'm 18 and i'm an anime fan from Crewe, Cheshire.

Quick bit about me;
*Am about to start a foundation degree in IT
*I work for Connexions Cheshire & Warrington as a 'Youth Link Worker'
*My favourite animes are Eureka Seven, DBZ, Bleach and all of the .hack// stuff
*My fave bands are Staind, Fozzy, Bullet for my Valentine and Trivium, and i've seen them all live :D

Anything ya wanna know? :)

<i>- Jim</i>


I've always thought those titles are a complete charade.

I've seen what kind of asshole come into connexions, and you'd find similar customers on the rough side of a zoo cage. :lol:

Welcome anyway dude.

Consider this my welcoming gift:



Baka Ranger
OH SHI-- someone from Chesire, not very common for North West animu fans to come here. Welcome dawg, and don't think anything of me when I said that crap about KH the other day, was just defending XII as I quite like it. ;/

But yeah, stick around 'n' stuff.


Yeah, the north west doesn't have the greatest number of anime fans, but oh well. And as the KHvFFXII stuff, to each their as they say.