Hello! And a little request


Hello, I’m 37/M/UK.
Used to watch anime and read manga sparingly in my late teens and twenties but have recently got back into it in a big way due to the current state of programming elsewhere. It’s a lot more uplifting, with likeable characters and handles complex interactions very well. This is something I’ve appreciated a lot more in recent years.

I’ve been watching an increasing amount of anime with my wife lately but the one we both enjoyed was Ranking of Kings. Would anyone be able to give suggestions regarding similar anime? Thank you!


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I didn't watch Ranking of Kings, but myanimelist.net has a feature where people recommend other shows and list the similarities. Here's Ranking of Kings page:

Of those listed I would highly recommend Mob Psycho 100 (currently airing its third season) and Vinland Saga (second season coming in January).


Thanks for the suggestions! I’ve been watching mob psycho 100 religiously during my cardio sessions at the gym. Seems like the right setting to do so! As for Vinland saga, watched the first 2 episodes and will continue after finishing the other stuff


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Ahh a fellow noob in their 30s! Now I don't feel like the resident old person haha

Like you and your wife, my husband and I have got back into anime in a big way recently (and we actually met on an anime forum 16 years ago, so we were previously big fans)

Welcome! (35/F/UK)