Hello All!


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Hi peeps!

Good to see that there's still life in forums. Was a member or UKA for years, but all of a sudden that seemed to die. Was it something I said?! Was told to check this one out, so here I am. Unfortunately Chrono was already taken!!

I've been watching anime for many years now, but kind of went off it a bit when other things took priority. Also, work and my wanderlust for traveling tends to get in the way a bit! With more stuff coming on Netflix, I'm getting back into things. Just finished Gundam-IBO and was impressed with that. Managed to stay pretty grounded for a Gundam series (with the exception of the family where everyone is named biscuit and cracker etc. Although I did love Biscuit!). Chances are, if it came out in the late 90s early 2000s then I would have seen it! Personal favourite is Evangelion, though I have a lot more favourites which I can't remember off the top of my head. Gurren lagann and Kill la Kill just popped in.

PS4 gamer. Currently bingeing on free destiny 2! Maybe see you on there!



Completely Average High School Student

Welcome to the fourm~
I'm getting back into anime myself since life for me as well sorta put me on hold for watching it for a while. I hope you enjoy your stay here well see you around please take care and have a good rest of the day/night.


Good to be back, @Chrono7 !
Though there's a lot of talk about "mainstream" these days, the market in the past few years has been a lot kinder to anime

Dont get me started on destiny 2, tried playing it on pc with my brother and a few friends he got to join the discord, I paid for the season pass and then they come up with an expansion they apparently couldn't do in the first place for the same price! I'm hulking out! Then they decided to treat the base game as a FTP on steam! I'm throwing a 4x4!


Completely Average High School Student
I watched castlevania. That was very good. Think there is another season coming too. I'll give the others a watch too. Thanks. Just got Amazon prime too!