Hello all!


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Hi I'm new here and I decided to make an account after using the site for about half a year and for occasionally lurking on the forums.

Anyway on to the interesting bits, I've been watching anime and reading manga for about 2 years and there's no stopping me now. Im hooked. I've found it interesting and fascinating and it's brilliant. My favourites include Ouran and Jojo.

Unfortunately I've only watched about 15 series in the two years because of my ocd which prevents me from watching for long periods of time. So I spend most of my days on my phone with youtube in the background and snooping on forums and looking for deals on anime and manga. Sorry if that's a bit too personal but I felt I should mention it as my ocd prevents me from doing much so I'll always more or less be on.

Anyway thanks for having me and thanks for all the amazing work on the forum. It's so great especially the blu ray region forums.
I look forward to chatting to people and I hope you're all having great days.

Thanks for reading.


Welcome :) I've stopped counting the series I've watched, I don't think it matters really, plus I was unemployed for 6 years before my job which I really got into anime then, so you can imagine.
I know it's more due to your time constraints (does OCD count as one?) But I will call you my metaphorical brother, as you too seem to be buying more anime and manga than you have time for!

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Welcome to the forums, dude 🙂👍

You're not alone in dealing with OCD, either. I know first hand how debilitating it can get.

Hope you enjoy it here 😊👍