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    About Heart Song:
    On the planet Mem a fifteen year ceasefire between the Human Race and the aquatic Selk has begun to fray
    with both sides chafing under the ceasefire’s draconian terms.
    To ease tensions and work towards a united future, both races begin an “Ambassador” programme, offering one young adult to enter the other race’s world and speak on behalf of their race for the goal of peaceful unification.

    Yujo Sippe Palms, a nun in training, has been chosen as the Ambassador of the Land.

    Caught between two worlds that can not survive a new war, those who would kill to reignite tensions as well as having to adapt to a new world, Yujo must make the case for peace between the two races.

    And to do that, she has to sing.

    About The WebNovel:
    Heart Song is a SciFi Fantasy WebNovel written by myself. It has been at least two years in planning and, hopefully, not subject to the horrid bout of depression that scuppered Lad in A Lamp.

    It is also being funded by Patreon, first to get an Illustrator: My good friend Kim "Kitty Ocean" Houtzager and maybe to make this a paying gig. Though mostly to pay Kim her dues.

    Heart Song is Updated Every Friday at Midday BST and can be found at it's own website: HeartSongNovel.com, and on Wattpad slightly later due to Wattpad not having a scheduler.

    The course for Heart Song;
    I am currently working on making an audiobook version of the story under the banner of "The Genie's Tail" (Because I'm a Bin-Bag Pun Lover). What form Genie's Tail takes, be it a one person audio book series, a casted audio book or a straight out Radio Drama has yet to be determined and I'm actively looking into it.
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    Why not use Tumblr?
    Two Reasons;
    1: Tumblr's System is not great at expansion, if I wanted to do just parts that would be great but I want to expand this into chapters and other bits as the Patreon allows which is not possible on Tumblr but is more than able to be done on a cms like wordpress with a theme I made up (Which I will be looking to sell at a later juncture)

    2: Tumblr is full of some of the worst nonsense I've seen online upto and including bullying of creators over some of the stupidest crap. Plus I'm convinced my stuff would disappear into a sea of porn in Tumblr's search anyway so it's not worth the effort.

    When will the Audiobook version come out?
    When its done, unfortunately. I'm still working through the bits and bobs about that upto and including if I want to make it voiced rather than me doing every character and if so how I could fairly compensate the actors.
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    Don't give up Conan. It's hard going getting your art known whether it's writing or drawing, are you plugging this anywhere else? Have you thought about making a tumblr for it? Their tag systems are pretty good for getting you on interested people's radars.
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    [See Q&A]
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    ☀️New Heart Song - Part 16☀️

    Unlike Netflix I don't mess my customers around.
    Where's my $47 mil?

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